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Completed projects in shipbuilding industry: supply of diesel engines and other ship equipment for a range of new diving support vessels

supply of diesel engines and other ship equipment for a range of new diving support vessels

New brand marine equipment introduction is a hard multi-directional task. One of these directions is the use of modern marine diesel engines and other vessel elements as a replacement of unserviceable equipment or equipment with expired service life. We have much experience in similar ship repair projects.

But it is also always interesting and more perspective to introduce supplied equipment at the design stage of a new vessel. About one of such projects of our partner "Dialog Technika" will be said below. "Dialog Technika" is an official dealer of a French company «Moteurs Baudouin SA» in Russia.

We included a whole Baudouin propulsion system to the project of a diving vessel (project 08 SDS). It was possible because of an active work of the "Dialogue-Technika" company, which was able to prove the merits of Baudouin marine diesel engines and auxiliary marine equipment.

Set of delivery to each of 6 vessels includes:

1. Marine diesel engine (main engine) Baudouin 8M26SR - 2
2. Diesel generator Baudouin GEB225 - 2
3. Reducer - 2
4. Elastic couplings  - 2
5. Fixed pitch propellers - 2
6. Shaftline systems - 2
7. Shaft pipe - 2

August 28, 2009 – an official ceremony happened at Yaroslavl shipyard because of laying of the head diving vessel of SDS08 project.
Oct. 25, 2010 - The first vessel of the SDS08 series named "Stolny grad Yaroslavl” was commissioned.
May 30, 2011 - The second vessel "Rostov" was commissioned
August 7, 2011- The third vessel "Uglich" was done.
August 15, 2012 - The fourth vessel "Rybinsk" was commissioned.

Of course, our work with these and other leading design offices and shipyards in Russia and CIS is continuing. Our partners, the company "Dialog-Technika" constantly informs shipbuilding and ship repair yards about updates of marine equipment. Also they control the competitor's actions, and offer better prices and pricing schemes.

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