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Dealer in Russia

Do you want to sell your equipment in Russia? We will help you with dealer selection and with promotion of your products on the Russian market.

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Deck equipment

Supply of deck equipment of the leading European manufacturers

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Marine engines

Ship diesel engines of leading European manufacturers. Spare parts for marine diesel engines.

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Wide range of pump equipment. Marine pumps and spare parts.

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Industrial equipment

Industrial equipment for various purposes: pumps, electrical equipment, spare parts for construction and lifting equipment.

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About «TSS GmbH»: supply of ship and industrial equipment and help in searching for a dealer in Russia

About TSS GmbH: supply of ship and industrial equipment

Welcome to «Technical Service and Supply GmbH». The German company TSS GmbH is working on a world and European market of marine and industrial equipment for more than 10 years.

«TSS GmbH» has two main activities:

  • Supply of a wide range of marine and industrial equipment (and spare parts) for customers all over the world;
  • Help European companies to find the dealer and put their products to Russian and CIS market.


1. Supply of marine and industrial equipment

We have established excellent business relationships with the leading European manufacturers, so we can offer our customers the best prices on marine and industrial equipment, as well as the highest level of service and quick delivery of equipment and spare parts. All the spare parts and units are equipped with appropriate technical documentation.

In emergency situations, when carrying out emergency work, we can provide delivery of all needed parts on a plane or road anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time.

We can offer you today:

  • Spare parts to marine diesel engines, more ...
  • Marine compressors and spare parts, more...
  • Marine separators and spare parts, more...
  • Marine pumps and spare parts, more...
  • Marine electrical equipment
  • Ship's fittings, fuel equipment and deck equipment, more ...
  • Industrial equipment, more ...

More detailed information on each of these types of equipment and the way to order it, can be found in the relevant section of our website (see links above).

2. Finding a dealer in Russia and assistance in entering the equipment market of Russia and CIS

Dynamically growing market of marine and industrial equipment in Russia has been attracting the leading European manufacturers for more than ten years. Unfortunately, on the way to winning in this perspective segment of market, there are many problems that are difficult to overcome without a professional dealer who knows all the nuances of Russian reality.

«TSS GmbH» has a reliable partner in Russia, the company "Dialog-Technika" from St. Petersburg. With the support of «TSS GmbH» more than ten European companies have already received good support in this country in the face of "Dialog-Technika". As an authorized dealer (distributor) of these European brands, the Russian company is doing everything necessary to promote the products of their foreign partners.

Here is a list of European and worldwide companies that have entrusted us to represent their interests and products in Russia:

  • The German company "AEG Industrial Engineering" (electrical equipment), more ...;
  • The Austrian company "KRAL AG" (screw pumps and flowmeters); more
  • The Italian company "Pompe Garbarino SpA" (centrifugal and positive displacement pumps), more ...;
  • The Spanish company "FLUIDMECANICA SA" (deck equipment), more ..;


Regular customers of 'Dialogue-Technika" are large Russian shipbuilding companies and shipowners, the largest oil and gas companies (" Lukoil ", etc.) and industrial companies. All of them assessed its quality and timeliness of contracts execution, ability to quickly respond on requests and also competitive prices. Learn more about our completed projects here.

For more information about our services on promotion of your products to the Russian market, please see the section "Dealers in Russia".

We are ready to consider the possibility of cooperation, not only in the supply of marine and industrial applications, but also in other areas.